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Michael Unhold

Born in 1978, at a very early age Michael Unhold became interested in the human body and the many possibilities for improving it through exercise, nutrition and well-aimed training. He began his own physical training at the age of 15, later rounding off his personal experience with a course in fitness and nutrition in 2005. Always thirsty for knowledge, between 2007 and 2012 Michael Unhold continued learning with Dr. Gottlob in Heidelberg, in a number of different training programs which focused on the connections between living anatomy and, above all, biomechanics. Since his training program in 2005 he had already started working with clients in a fitness and health club, and in 2012 he began taking on clients as a personal trainer and diet coach in Marchtenk, Austria. And with considerable success: his holistic and differentiated training approach made him especially popular among his clients.
During his training program he repeatedly came in contact with topics relating to the fascia of the body. Eager to learn more about the mysteries of this “material”, he began his own research on every aspect of this topic. He was especially fascinated by the possibilities and effects of various techniques of fascia manipulation. After a long search he found what he had been looking for in Dirk Beckmann’s ES Equilibrium State method and in 2014 he made the decision to train as an ES Practitioner and ES Master Practitioner.

Today Michael Unhold is working productively in Marchtrenk with clients from all over Austria and the neighbouring European countries, who come to him to rediscover their natural balance.

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